Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Saturday Night

So on this past Saturday night a friend of mine and her son came up to visit. I was asked by her son, Jonathon, if we are going to have another baby, so I told him we are trying. Then his mom proceeded to tell me out of the blue one night that Jonathon told her that I was pregnant. I am not sure how he would know that before we would but it thinks I am. Then I asked him what I was going to have and he told me that I could decide what I wanted to have. It was really funny.
While being here in my house with us he ask my husband to go upstairs with him so he did. Then Jonathon proceed to ask where Justin's toys were so my husband told him that they are put away. So Jonathon continued to play with his legos after that not saying much about Justin until he went to brush his teeth when he asked my where Justin's toothbrush was. So I tryed to explain to him that Justin never came home with us. He also so some of Justin's pics on our computer screensaver. So he just continued with his teeth brushing and went back downstairs never talked about Justin again. But then again everytime I see Jonathan he does have another question or comment about how he misses Justin and was hoping to be able to play with him.

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  1. I find it wonderful but hard sometimes the way kids are so open and natural talking about our babies. Hope this felt good to you, not hard.